Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seven Pounds---Ignore the Critics

Will Smith's Seven Pounds.
What can I say without giving too much info?
Unfortunately for me I only have to see it once because I predicted the ending just based on what I saw in the previews. My date that night didn't predict it, and she enjoyed it.
Will Smith gives a very heart-touching performance--similar to the one in Hancock.
The characters in this movie were deep and moving, and well casted.
Rosario Dawson from Sin City.
Barry Pepper from Saving Private Ryan.
Woody Harrelson from Kingpin and No Country for Old Men.

And some, even while leaving the theater, will ask, "Seven pounds of what?"



Pete Corier said...

I thought about seeing Seven Pounds, because I love Will Smith. But I could sense the type of movie it would be from the previews, and I decided against it. I only have so much time to devote to movies, and I want to make sure I spend it on movies I actually want to see. However, I value your movie opinions, and given a reassurance from you, I may check it out.

Susan Knight said...

Jenn rented it and we all watched it. I liked it...I mean, it was well-acted and I even cried at the end... but the story line was very dark and I didn't like the suicide bent to it. He was a very controlling-type person. Some might get the impression he was caring and giving, but he was scary really. I don't all the organs weigh 7 pounds? Not sure...