Sunday, October 26, 2008

Body of Lies--DiCaprio and Crowe's synnergy

I admit, after reading a negative review on Body of Lies, I went into the theater with mediocre expectations. The review stated that the mediocre plot was made bearable only because of DiCaprio's acting. I confess, I only saw it out of loyalty to DiCaprio--who's performances in The Departed and Gangs of New York absolutely blew me away.
All through the movie I wondered what would happen, where would the story take me next. DiCaprio's performance was Oscar-worthy, and Russel Crowe's sarcastic, bastardy attitude kept me rocking my seat laughing.
The two were brilliant together.
DiCaprio has completely established himself as an action star.
Crowe is just always great, and is dynamic as always.
Ridley Scott's directing was superb as well. He kept combining totally different viewpoints into very flowing, easy-to-follow cinematography. It was perfect.
The plot is a similar story. I loved it. It surprised me all through-out and (unlike other espionage movies) I did NOT leave the theater wondering what happened when and to who and why and who's the real bad guy.
Body of Lies also doesn't touch on the whole, "Why are we in Iraq?"-thing much, if at all. It ignores the bull-crap politics and delivers a realistic, gritty, rock-in-your-seat, entertaining action movie.
What a relief.
I loved it.


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