Monday, October 27, 2008

Doomsday--Wish I'd Been in It

Doomsday looked like it must have been the most fun movie in the world to be a part of.
It starts by setting a very bleak, pile-o-crap future where millions (maybe billions, not sure) are dead from some virus. Now it's time to go see if there's a cure to be found among the survivors.
Oh, it takes place in England so everyone has cool accents.
The sets and vehicles the characters interact with are freaking awesome. They must have spent a fortune building the tanks that the soldiers cruise around in.
Oh, and the main character (Rhona Mitra from Shooter, The Number 23, and Skinwalkers)is bangin'. Super hot. That's vital.
And the character, Sol (Craig Conway), who is leader of the cannibals... he's just such a believable psycho. He was born for that blood-thirsty role.
I don't want to give too much away, so I'll sum up my next thought in three words:
Yeah, you wanna see that now.
The action is big-time. The writers must not have been friends with ANY of the stars cause by the end I wondered if ANYONE was going to survive the numerous action scenes.
Very cool.
Every scene I watch I was going, "Man, that must have been fun to act in."
Esp. the
It's out on DVD so watch it with your sicko, blood-and-guts-loving friends NOW!


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