Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pride and Glory--Farrell's Best

I entered this film with mediocre expectations, but spent half the movie on the edge of my seat almost falling off the front.
If you are a cop-movie fan, or if you liked the raw grit of films like Casino or Harsh Times, then you'd LOVE Pride and Glory.
This was Colin Farrell's best performance that I've seen, and I've seen six of his past movies including SWAT and Alexander. Farrell wasn't in a scene that didn't widen my eyes or whiten my knuckles.
Performances from Edward Norton (American History X, The Incredible Hulk, and The Illutionist), Jon Voight (National Treasure and Deliverance), and Noah Emmerich (Frequency, The Truman Show) were good, but couldn't match Farrell's character's strengths.
Not bad at all considering Farrell's "Worst Actor" nomination in the Razzies for his role in Alexander just four years ago...
The plot was a complicated one to follow, considering the story was shown from the perspectives of two brothers (Emmerich and Norton) and their bro-in-law (Farrell) who are all cops and all involved in the same murder investigation in different ways.
This film DID leave me questioning the title... a strange thing to question, but I like the title to fit. I can't suggest a better title, besides maybe "1013" or something generic like that.
Overall though, fantastic movie. Almost Dark Knight quality, very close. And that's sayin somethin.


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