Monday, October 27, 2008

Max Payne--Wahlberg Should Hold a Gun

Saw this on Oct 17, the day it came out. I was excited, but also prepared for a bit of a flop. M. Night Shyalaman told Mark Wahlberg, after finishing filming of The Happening, "you can never hold a gun again."
I entered the theater wondering if Shyamalan's "prophecy" would come true... After watching Max Payne, seeing Wahlberg blowing dudes away with such extreme prejudice and in such a "HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!!"-way, I see the mistake in Shyamalan's advice.
It was no prophecy.
Mila Kunis' character was different from roles I've seen her play. Though I confess, I never did see American Psycho II...
In Payne, I thought she was going to ruin it. Hot, hot, hot as she is, I thought she was too petite to hold a gun unless it was at a Cabela's convention. But she fit her role well, and didn't distract from the movie in any negative ways. She was almost too tough to fantasize about. ALMOST.
There were noticed flaws, however.
The preview shows Wahlberg jumping backward with a shotgun and firing behind him at bad guys, and I thought it would be cool in the movie, but the actual event in the movie seemed to take way too long, even with "bullet-time" in mind. It was too slowed down, drawn out, and wasn't creative enough to justify the cinematic attention it was given.
That was just one of the flaws.
The demons flying around are explained, but I kept expecting them to play some role in the plot, and their purpose in the "grand scheme of things" is never really revealed. It's like the screen-writers kept them in the plot cause they're cool, but didn't know what to do with a bunch of demons in a shoot-em-up super-cop movie.
Overall, despite the failed artistic attempts and the unexplained demons, I left the theater raving to my buddies. We all loved it, we all freaked out, and we all hail Wahlberg--who should always tote a gun.


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