Sunday, November 9, 2008

Changeling---Oscar for Jolie?

I haven't had a movie move me like Changeling did in quite some time.

The acting was fantastic. Angelina Jolie breaks her slutty type-cast streak by playing the frustrated, desperate mother, Christine Collins who is fighting to get her REAL son back.
The movie also combines all of the elements that went into this dramatic story, all of the related side stories.
The whole thing was fascinating to watch.
And the set crews and costume designers effectively created a legitimate-looking 1928 California.

The whole time I'm watching this I'm wondering how much of this really happened, and, if it is all true, I feel so bad for the real Christine Collins, and what she must have went through.
Afterwards I did some homework, and the writer of Changeling used authentic writings, records, and recordings for his whole script. He said that 95% of the script for this film came from old records like that. Very genuine.
That's why it felt so real.

Go ahead, watch the trailers, they won't spoil anything.

Changeling will make quite a show at the Academy Awards.


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