Friday, November 14, 2008

Quantum of Solace---Fantastic but Lacking...

Quantum of Solace picks up shortly after where the last one ended. Bond has Mr. White and is being pursued by bad guys who, I assume, want White back.
What happens after that all seems pretty clear. The plot didn't leave me confused like Casino Royale did. And we are reintroduced to most of the same cast as Royale.

I want to say that I was disappointed with Daniel Craig's (Bond) acting during the first half of the movie, but really he did ok. I can't specifically identify what I didn't like, but I know that something was missing.
He lacked that "I-just-killed-you-so-piss-off" attitude that he had in Royale.
It was like M (Judi Dench) kept playing off some kind of bad-boy Bond attitude that wasn't even there. She might as well have been talking about someone else half the time.

---massive complaint---
Even though the characters all connect to Casino Royale, and they talk about those Royale events throughout this film, I failed to see the PLOT connection between Solace and Royale. It was like the movie's writers were saying, "oh look, they're connected! See! He just said that Vesper chick's name so OBVIOUSLY the plots are connected!"
I wasn't fooled though...
---end of massive complait---

But the plot was original.
The main bad guy, Dominic Greene (the oober-creepy Mathieu Amalric who's been in nothing but French films 'til now), reminds me of the character Renard (Robert Carlyle) from The World is Not Enough. Creepiest CEO I've seen in a film.
---Note: Renard was the bald, creepy Russian psycho who couldn't feel pain.---

The film DID have some really intense and well-crafted fight scenes that did NOT disappoint. Start to almost finish was non-stop action.

I loved this movie, but, still, was mildly disappointed.


PS-In Solace's defense, I didn't like Royale the first time I saw it either. I plan to give this another go around.

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