Friday, November 7, 2008

Felon---Dorff Beating Dudes Up

Stephen Dorff is Wade Porter; the honest family-man convicted of murdering a man who is robbing Porter's house.
I thought, at first, that this was a movie trying to push a message down my throat about how corrupt the penal system is; like some kind of adrenaline-powered Shawshank Redemption remake.
Not at all though. This movie is totally new and bold.
(And Shawshank was about a whole lot more than just our crap judicial system, of course)

Action-movie fans need to know; Felon needs to be on your watch-list.

If you saw this on the wall at Blockbuster it looks like some B-quality movie that managed to get a couple of big-time stars (Dorff, Val Kilmer, and Harold Perrineau from LOST) on the cover. But this movie is, in all reality, far from low-grade.
It's perfectly acted, the cinematography is simple and appropriate, and the story is full of violence.

Note: If you don't appreciate violence in films then don't see this movie.

Porter finds himself in deep crap before he even gets off the prison bus, and he keeps sinking deeper as he finds himself trapped in a corrupt "cock-fight" gambling ring the guards throw using the more dangerous prisoners.

Believable and far-fetched?
Heck no.

Felon keeps it real, keeps it bloody, and is totally enjoyable for dudes of all ages (17 and up...).

So if your in the rental store and see a B-quality-looking film called Felon; grab it and watch it.
It'll make you wanna punch your friends.


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