Monday, November 10, 2008

War, Inc.---Not for Duff Fans.

Not totally unrealistic (unfortunately), War, Inc. was a very entertaining movie.

The plot is simple enough, easy to follow, and sometimes predictable.

The acting was great, esp John Cusack. He makes a surprisingly good action star.
Strange though. At one point Cusack pukes after watching Hillary Duff dance, and that almost turned me off to the extremely hot pop-music star.
But, Marisa Tomei's performance was hardly up to par with what I expected from the Oscar-winner. She's apparently a very loud kisser too.
However, Tomei is still extremely hot for an almost-44-year-old...

Dan Aykroyd and Joan Cusack were very funny. They were minor leads, and garnished the film with hilarity.
Towards the very beginning Aykroyd has a wire-meeting with John Cusack's character, Brand Hauser, while Aykroyd is taking a crap.
I can't wait to see Aykroyd in Ghostbusters 3...
(Google that!)

Overall, I liked this movie. Having followed politics, knowing something about the shituation in Iraq, and knowing how big businesses think, I found this movie very true-to-life, accurate, witty, and entertaining.

If you are a Hillary Duff fan you won't like this movie though, cause you won't get any of the jokes.
Although, I confess, for years I thought Hillary Duff was Hannah Montana... so what do I know?


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